many faceted gems

The Story

Gemstones. A masterpiece of nature admired by people since the very beginning of human existence. Precious or not they are a part of eternity, our connection with the stars. For their beauty they always have been a symbol of power and wealth.

Arabs believed that the stars and the heaven are precious stones which bring us the light in the moonless nights. The bible says that the first gems were made in Heaven. The supreme angel Lucifer was richly decorated with the most precious gemstones until he was evicted to Hell. Then all these precious stones were taken from him and given to the people.

The hidden power of the precious stones has been discovered long ago by our ancestors who used them for protection from demons. They believed that the the amulets made of gems can enforce our positive energies and help the person to know better itself by creating a natural relation with the positive energies of the Universe. That is how the gemstones became much more than just being an adornment.

Their powerful influence on our health and mentality has been explored even more during the Medieval ages. The astrologists believed that each gem may help to gain health, love, happiness or welfare but only if the person is wearing the stone which responds to his astrological sign.

But is it true? Or these are only an ancient myths?

Whoever we are and in whatever we believe we all love the dreams and the touch of beauty. So even if you are conservative about myths we hope that here you will find some interesting stories about the gemstones and the message they bring for each one of us.

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