Care for your Gemstone

Wearing a gemstone jewel always makes us feel beautiful and happy. But remember that your gems also need care in order to stay as beauty as they are. Cleaning and right keeping conditions are very important. There are also few more important rules you should remember and which will help you to have your jewel always in perfect condition.

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Cleaning of jewelry with precious stones requires no special equipment or devices. Bowl of water with a few drops of detergent will do the job. To clean the stone from behind you can use a soft toothbrush but do not rub too hard to avoid scratching the stone. Rub gently, then rinse. Wipe carefully with a soft cloth.
Always wipe off the makeup excess and body lotions when you wear jewelry. Use a smooth cloth made of 100% cotton and gently clean jewelry just using the pads of your fingers.

All organic gems like pearls, corals and amber should be wipe with a soft cleaning cloth. Ultrasonic cleaning should be used with extreme caution and only by people who know how to use such devices and what gems to clean this way. For example, it can be used for ruby, sapphire and amethyst, but could damage the stones such as emerald, turquoise and pearls.

Be very careful when you clean your jewelry containing soft stones - such as amber, lapis lazuli and turquoise - by soaking. Prolonged soaking in any solution may damage the polished finish on the stone.

Preservation and Storage of precious stones

Always store your precious gems separately so that harder stones do not scratch the softer. If possible, store each piece of jewelry in a separate box or jewelry pouch. Soft stones such as lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise, amber and opals can easily be scratched by needles and edges of other jewelry. To protect those precious gems keep them wrapped in jeweler's paper and store them separately.

Sunlight and heat

Try to keep the gems away from direct sunlight as many gems as amethyst, citrine and smoky quartz can fade in the sun. Opals also require special care. Do not leave your opal jewel for long in direct sunlight as this may cause drying of water in the stone which can result in blur or discoloration.

Always try to keep gems from heat.


When get dressed put your jewelry finally and avoid spraying them with perfume. If you wear perfume, first apply it, and then put your jewelry.  Keep in mind that pearls should be treated with special care since perfumes and household chemicals can very easily remove the nacre or cause discoloration.


Another important prohibition is to wear jewelry while swimming. Chlorine in the water can damage them. Also remember to always remove rings and fine jewelry before using a product that contains bleach. Bleach can also cause washout of gold and other metal alloys and to irreparable damage the metal. And probably it seems obvious but never use bleach to clean jewelry.

Other chemicals

Beside chlorine and bleach, denatured alcohol, turpentine, acetone and ammonia can also cause damage. These chemicals can darken or even break the surface of the softer gemstones. Petroleum products could practically melt amber and cause serious damage to the pearls. These precious stones are soft and porous. Prolonged exposure to chemicals such as hairspray, perfume and cosmetics can damage them, especially pearls.


Never use toothpaste or other abrasives to clean precious metals or stones. You may find many websites where toothpaste is recommended for cleaning, but it is not accepted practice among jewelers. Although the abrasive substances in the dentifrice are excellent for your teeth, they may damage the metal surface in will require professional skills to be re-polished. Furthermore, the toothpaste will scratch the surface of amber, lapis , turquoise and other soft stones and their brightness produced by the skilled cutter will darken permanently.

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