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What do you need to consider when you want to choose a gem for yourself or for present?

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Choosing gem for yourself

First you decide what money you are ready to spend for such purchase. You may be sure that you have a great choice even for lower price. That’s why you need to pay attention on the most important consideration – you must really like the jewelry and the gemstone. Forget for all other reasons you may have in mind. Don’t pay attention of the name of the stone or its temporary fame. Listen to your feelings when making a choice. Only they can give you a hint if the chosen jewel is exactly yours. Never put a jewel that you don’t like just because of some formal reasons like your astrological sign or similar.

There are many people all over the world who tend to acquire jewels for wealth demonstration. They do not concern the above considerations which is a big mistake. Welfare can be expressed in many different ways. The gem jewel you choose may stay your live companion for years ahead. That’s why it is essential to leave the feelings to lead your choice.


Choosing gem for present

The psychologists call the ability to get emotionally involved in some objects “empathy”. Not everyone posses it equally. Moreover, when making a jewel present to somebody else it’s not always obvious how does this other person perceive this jewel. What do we need to think about in this case?

Some believe that the color of the stone should be in tone with the eye or hair color of the person. But this is not the one and with sure not the first consideration we should have. Almost all precious stones were used in the past for amulets or mascots. This is connected with different myths or legends about the magical properties of gems. You may use such information when making a choice. It would be nice if you tell such legend when giving the present and make a wish to the person the magic of the stone to lit the life ahead.

Other people believe in astrological and curing properties of precious stones. Astrological data, no matter how do you treat them always may help if you know the birthday of the person you want to make the present - the birthstone is always a perfect gift!

So the conclusion is that not the price is most important for choosing a jewel. Some not expensive gem which for some reason you feel close to your heart may bring more joy and pleasure in your life than any expensive jewel which you are required to put by obligation or for vanity.

One final advise – ask yourself what makes you most happy? LOVE! Loving gems is easy – they make us happy in many ways and not only with their beauty!


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