They say that citrine is the symbol of light, joy and good cheer, the stone of wisdom and serenity.

citrine many stones

It is a transparent quartz in all shades of yellow, gold, orange and brown. The darker orange colour of the stone is called Madeira citrine. This is the most valuable and expensive colour on the market, but most people prefer the lighter colour of yellow citrine. It is less expensive than amethyst and is found in a variety of sizes and shapes in the market.

citrine monocrytal

Natural citrine is usually pale yellow. Most natural citrine in the process of its formation stage were amethyst, but under the influence of temperature changes its colour to yellow.In nature there are also minerals which have simultaneously citrine and amethyst band. They are called ametrine. Citrines in nature are relatively rare. The best stones are found in Brazil, Spain, Madagascar and Russia. However, it is easily obtained by ennoblement of other less rare species of crystal quartz by their thermal treatment (amethyst, smoky quartz) or irradiation (rock crystal).

In ancient times the stone was considered topaz because its bright lemon-yellow or light orange tint so resembled the color of one of the varieties of this mineral. The term "citrine" was introduced in the mineralogical literature in 1747 by Valerius. Name of the stone comes from the Latin word citreus - «lemon" and points to the yellow hue of this variety of quartz, which is due to ferric impurities. But even today golden yellow citrine is sometimes called "golden topaz" and brownish-yellow - "Spanish topaz".

citrine round cut
citrine gem

Citrine was popular for centuries. In ancient Rome and Greece it was wore by scientists and philosophers as talismans to ensure eloquence and recognition. In South America amulets were made of it guarding the owners from snakebite. In Europe it gained a strange fame of scam mascot and thieves and professional gamblers had rings with citrine. It was one of the favorite stones to jewelers in the Art Deco period between the two world wars.

citrine ball
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Today citrine along with other types of quartz is again on the crest of a wave of popularity. It shines in a wide variety of jewelry collections and is especially good in combination with other colored stones such as amethyst, blue topaz or chrysolite.

Sol y Sombra Ring

But the most distinctive luxury jewelry created the famous Spanish company Carrera y Carrera: the collection is called Sol y Sombra («Sun and Shadow") and represents a huge round orange citrine "Madeira" surrounded by golden rays, and sparkle like a real little sun ...

Sol y Sombra citrine ring


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