Faceting Gemstones

Faceting is the specific method of processing of transparent gems. It is done in order to highlight their qualities, to remove any natural defects and give them the desired shape. Thus the gems are given well-defined geometric shapes with facets of different shapes and sizes. It is done individually for each particular gemstone. There is mathematical model for each particular gemstone showing the best cutting for it. Nowadays wide used are computer technology programs that show what is the best cutting that will reveal the qualities of the stone and how to avoid its disadvantages - if there are defects, homogeneity of color and other.

Each part of the faceted stone has its own name shown on the below picture.

cutting elements of faceted gemstone

Respectively there are specific names for each shape of cutting. These are the most common cuttings of gemstones popular as diamond cuttings but also applied for many other precious stones which are transpaerent enough to be suitable for faceting. Find out what is the cut shape of your own gemstone.


asscher cut


emerald cut


heart cut


pear cut


marquise cut


oval cut


round cut


princess cut

Standard Radiant

standard radiant cut

Opaque or semitransparent stones are cut cabchons.

opal cabochon cut
moonstone cabochon cut
opals cabochon cut


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