Precious Stones and Gems

All precious stones are minerals. But not all minerals are precious. What makes the gem precious?

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Precious Stones

You may find many different classifications but in the scope of their jewelry value the classification of the gems as precious or semiprecious is very relative. In general precious are considered stones with very beautiful appearance and most rare in the nature.

A samples of the same kind of mineral could be classified as precious or semiprecious depending of their purity and transparence. They are defining the stone’s jewelry value. Some other important features that determine the interest to certain minerals for jewelry and decoration purpose are their hardness and chemical passiveness. Thanks to them the jewelries made with precious stones are very stable at physical and chemical impact.

The combination of precious stones and precious metals make the jewelries really valuable investment. Nowadays many people invest in a collections of rare and beautiful precious stones that are even not necessarily made in jewelry.

As already said the precious stones have very beautiful appearance. This off course is done by special mechanical treatment. Currently there are many artificially produced precious stones. But regardless of their huge variety they cannot diminish value of the original – real, made by nature itself, gorgeous!

Semiprecious Stones

Semiprecious are considered stones which are beautiful but much common in the nature. Usually they are opaque or semitransparent and also used in jewelry and for making various ornaments and decorative items.

Most of the precious stones have inorganic origin. They have been formed as a result of physical and chemical processes deep in the earth. There are also some precious stones which have organic origin. Some of them are formed by biological processes in the living nature. Such for example is amber which is fossilized tree resin. Another example is the pearl formed by the body of certain shellfish. Here we should mention also the corals which are underwater living creatures.


Finally we should say that the apprise of the real value of the precious stones is very complicated and hard work. It requires a lot of knowledge in many different areas - mineralogy, methods of precious stones treatments, technology of creating jewelry etc. It is entrusted to highly qualified specialists who value the stone with a special certificate that details the specific characteristics of the product.

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