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The world of gemstone is amazing. The nature gifted us with these stone blossoms placing the boundary between living and inanimate matter to show that her every creation carries in itself life and soul.

Gemstone and Indian Astrology

Vedic astrology in India attributed great power of gemstones and promoting their wear as a talisman against bad luck.

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Meaning of Gemstones

SInce ancient time gemstones are believed to have mistycal properties and meaning. What is the meaning of your gemstone and what to consider when choosing a gemstone present?

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Gems and Jewerly Fashion News

Latest Jewelry fashion News form Global Sources

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Star Stones

In the world of gemstones there is special group of a phenomenal gems. These stones exhibit special optical phenomena, including asterism, cat's eye effect, adularescence and iridescence.

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Care for yor gemstone

What care you should provide for your gemstone? How to keep presious metal and gemstone jewelry clean and what they need to be protected of.

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Tanzanite is lately discovered beautiful variant of ziosite. Read about its exciting story of discovering and getting famous.

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Gems and Precious Stones

Here you will find some common information about gems and how do we know if they are precious or semipresious

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Anniversary Gemstones

Gemstone is the perfect gift for your wedding anniversary. Find out how the gemstones are assigned to wedding anniversaries.

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Spinel is a stone of rare beauty undeservedly disregarded due to its amazing similarity to other precious stones. Is it like this today?

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The stone of the sun, amber is one of the first gemstones known and used by people. It is veiled in mystery and there are many legends about its divine creation.

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Iolite was first know by Vikings who used it for navigations purposes. This stone posses wonderful property to have different colors at different angle of view. Still it is a really beautiful gemstone

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Jade is known for centuries and considered a mystical and sacred stone. WHy the Chinese people valued them higher then all other gemstones and precious metals?

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The magic alexandrite - story, properties, colors, deposits, synthetic stones

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Short review of most important facts about gold

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Short information about emerald gem and mineral, appraisement, famous stones

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