Gemstones and Indian Astrology

Since ancient times many people believed in the power of the gems. Especially Vedic astrology in India attributed great power of gemstones and promoting their wear as a talisman against bad luck. Vedic astrologers call on the power of Indian gods and planets to predict the future and help people to avoid the potential negative impact of the planets in all aspects of their lives. According to these astrologers certain gems can prevent or promote the effects of the planets and by wearing appropriate stones, people can use the power of the planets in order to achieve success and maintain good health.

Suitable stone for a person at a given time depends on the radiant energy that each planet emits. This energy affects differently to each person according to his zodiac sign and the position of the planets in his horoscope. Sometimes the impact is favorable, but sometimes planetary conditions may change and have a negative impact on your life. In this case, the astrologers can advise which stone to wear to counteract the negative constellation.

The stone you use for this purpose should not just be a certain type but for optimum effect it must be clean and free of defects such as cracks or other imperfections. Moreover, most astrologers claim that the astrological stone should not be less than two carats.
Vedic astrology planets associated with various gemstones, commonly known as a Jyotish stones as follows:






Red spinel , garnet rhodolith , red tourmaline and garnet almandine.


Natural pearls

Pearl with tissue core of South Sea pearl and moonstone




Red coral


Yellow sapphire


Green tourmaline and peridot

Other yellow stones like topaz , beryl and citrine



Cheaper alternatives include white sapphire, danburite, pheenakite, white topaz and white stones



Blue sapphire

Garnet hessonite

Tanzanite and amethyst

Orange zircon and garnet spessartite


Chrysoberyl or cat's eye

The last two , Rahu and Ketu are not planets , but rather denote the two points where the paths of the sun and moon intersect as they move across the sky. These are the points where eclipses occur . In Hindu mythology, Rahu is the head of the demon that causes solar eclipse , when the sun, moon and Earth line up on the same zodiacal longitude. It is believed that Ketu has a major impact on human life and all creation . In Vedic astrology Ketu represents both good and bad karma , our spirituality and supernatural influences.

So if you feel that your life is not going well or that some bad luck accompanies your every move, you should consult a Vedic astrologer and buy stone to protect you.

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