Chinese believe that jade represents the spiritual value and gold – the material. Where from comes the saying: "Gold has a price but jade is a value without price.” They consider this mysterious mineral is an expression of heavenly purity, reflected in the earthly matter and credited with the most supreme dignity.

jade jewels

Jade is a valuable natural mineral that has a variety of shades of green.
Occasionally there are white and pale yellow stones or have a blue tint called dianite. But the most rare is the red and blue-black jade. The most valuable stone is dark green in color with lots of black inclusions and a high degree of transparency. Jewelry
jade is a rare gem with bright green to emerald-green color. In color and the cost such samples approach emerald price!

Jade is two times stronger than steel, due to the subtle interplay of small fibrous crystals of its constituent actinolite and tremolite. Its hardness is 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale but it is extremely wiry.

jaade mineral
jade figurine

The name comes from the Spanish - piedra de ijada - stone belt. American Indians discovered that the stone can help the kidneys and hence the conquistadores gave it the name.

It is interesting to know that the Chinese used diamonds only as an instrument to engrave the jade. For them the jade stands highest in the scale of their jewels, followed by gold and silver. In ancient China it is considered a sacred stone symbolizing the five virtues: charity, modesty, justice, wisdom and bravery. Fashioned bracelets and amulets were prepared and worn for physical strength, healing of all diseases of longevity and immortality.

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This stone is not associated with any sign of the zodiac. It is one of the key stones in general. This stone is associated with religion and at the same time with the reorganization of the whole life. Only people who are trying to completely change their life, embark on a completely new and unique levels, tweaked to readjust can wear it.

Famous jade

The largest jade piece is called "Max Rouzkvist". It is found in 1992 in Canada and is a lens weighing 577 tons. The second unique monolith was discovered in China in 1960 and had lain in the ground by the Government until 1997 (32 years). Now it is carved statue of Buddha, which is located in a Buddhist temple in the town of Aiman​​.

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There are some more monumental works of art, carved from jade monoliths:

Tombstone of Tamerlane, made of black and green jade. Now it is in Samarkand in Gur-Emir  mausoleum.

The sarcophagus of King Alexander III cut from a single Siberian jade.

Cup of Emperor Kublai Khan of the Yuan Dynasty that holds 3,000 liters of wine.

How to distinguish real jade from a fake

There are two suimple secrets which can help you to easily find out if your stone is natural:

The first difference is that this stone has a very high strength. It is enough to try it with the sharp end of a pin. Jade is not really hurt but on the forgery remains a small scratch.

All natural stones have a low thermal conductivity. Therefore, this jade is always cold. It can be felt by applying it to the face.

jade necklace

Of course It is best to purchase a certificate for the product of jade, confirming its authenticity. After all the product of this natural stone are very expensive.

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