Jasper is one of the most beautiful gemstones. The variety of colours and patterns is striking - striped, spotted, points, shapes, mixed. Some crystals are so complex pattern that astonished the ingenuity of nature. The name of the stone comes from the Greek "Jasper" – colourful.

dalmation jasper
jasper many stones

This was a favorite gem in the ancient world. Already in Paleolithic jasper crystals were used for tools and weapons. Later prehistoric people have learned to draw from it ornaments and amulets. After discovering methods to polish it (probably in ancient Egypt), it became one of the favorite stones for making jewelry, decorative items and expensive mosaics. Carved jasper rings have been found it the ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum and other ancient cities. In ancient Egypt also prized jewel and cut figures of gods or it. Cleopatra's famous seal is made by Apple green jasper.

jasper in red an black
jasper red

Jasper is one of the twelve stones decorated clothes priests. The first Christians dedicated jasper to St. Peter, holding the keys of heaven. During the Middle Ages it was a sign of luxury. It was presented as a wedding gift for kings or as a war trophy. Alchemists made of it containers for their experiments or for storage of magical ingredients.

Jasper is rarely uniform in colour. Mostly i is is colourful with a sharper or milder areas of discolouration. From the few examples of jasper of uniform colour it is basanite or Lydian stone. It is almost black and has been used since antiquity to the present to determine the purity of some precious metals.

Black Jasper

jasper black

Landscape Jasper

jasper landscape

There is no uniform classification of the types of jasper because of its incredible variety, both in composition and in colours and patterns. There are several types of traditional names for jasper widely adopted for one reason or another: agate jasper, Egyptian jasper or Silex (deep yellow with red), basanite, landscape jasper, jasper mookait etc.. Some of the names are descriptive while others come from traditional locations. The names of many of jasper can be defined as commercial - the merchant offers a product name in the spotlight and attempt to distinguish the particular stone to something specific in contrast to other syones.


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