Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli symbolizes sincerity and purity. This "Heavenly Stone" is believed to give its owner love and harmony and helps to make the dreams come true.

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The mineral occurs in various shades of blue, usually with white calcite and sometimes yellow pyrite inclusions. The best sample is a uniform blue color with little or no veins of other minerals. The most expensive stones are considered bright blue and purple. Note that you need to choose lapis lazuli in natural lighting. Artificial light makes the stone looking dull and inconspicuous in appearance. 

Lapis Lasuli is cut usually as plates or cabochon. Silver or non precious metals are mostly used for fitting. It is used for jewelry as well as for making a souvenirs or decorative crafts. It  is a low-cost gemstone in general. The price of natural stone of jewelry quality starts from 1 - $ 2 per gram. Still jewelry with high quality, without veins of calcite or pyrite can be very expensive

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The stone is known and used for more than seven thousand years. Since ancient times it has been used as a decorative material. It was highly valued in Egypt, Mexico, India, Persia and Mesopotamia. In Assyria, Babylon and ancient Egypt lapis lazuli was regarded as one of the most expensive stones. Sumerians believed that the wearer has the Godhead with him. It was a sacred stone and for the Egyptian goddess Isis. Since she was looking after the dead in their last trip, an eye of lapis lazuli was placed in a sarcophagus with the mummy. In China it was honored to be included in the list of “seven precious things''. Greeks and Romans rewarded with lapis lazuli those who performed some feat and showed great bravery. But in many ancient Greek texts it is referred to as sapphire. Today a number of historians believe that the word “Sapphire”' in all ancient manuscripts actually is given for lapis lazuli.

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It is interesting that in XVIII century the gemstone worth 15 times the emeralds because it was too popular but hard to find. Because it was considered by sorcerers as a stone of Venus people used to exchange it as gifts to strengthen the friendship.


The best quality lapis lazuli is mined for centuries in Badakhshan province in Afghanistan. Also there are deposits near Lake Baikal in Russia. Lower-quality samples come from Chile, Siberia, Burma, Pakistan, Angola, Canada and USA.

How to care about the stone

Lapis lazuli should be protected from temperature changes, effects of acids and abrasives. You may clean it in soapy water.

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