platinum bullion

In the distant past platinum have been called “wrong silver” and considered useless. After many centuries Spanish jewelers discovered that it is perfectly combined with gold and started using it for jewels.

Platinum is a heavy and difficult fusible metal. It is less plastic than gold. It is not affected by acids, air and high temperature. The main sources of this precious metal are nickel - copper ore deposits. Natural metal is met in minerals as an alloy which includes other elements such as iron, copper, nickel and others.

For most people it is known as a metal for jewelry, but the biggest use of metal catalysts in chemical and car industry. Platinum is also preferred as an investment, as it is very rare metal and mining is more difficult. It is 20 times rarer than gold. Therefore it remains profitable investment, despite fluctuations in the price.


Platinum and Fashion

The main merit of recognition of platinum as a king of the metals belongs to Cartier. Inspired by Eastern wrought iron ornaments he is looking for metal less massive then gold that would be appropriate for making such jewels. His choice is platinum which is light, almost weightless and fragile, and yet plastic.

This is the platinum Cartier tiara of the wife of George VI worn during the coronation.

platinum tiara

While platinum sentiment in Europe is supported by Cartier, there are other American heroes. The company Tiffany & Co created miracles of platinum which prices grow in geometric progression. The new metal rapidly enters the lights of Hollywood, appearing in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and began their solemn march down the red carpet. Today's state standard for purity of platinum in the U.S. is actually set by Tiffany & Co in making their jewelry.

platinum ring

Diamonds rings in platinum plating are constantly raising popularity. One of the most expensive ring - 1.83 million dollars - with 9 carats diamond has been created by De Beers. Platinum wedding rings became classics. This trend was set by Elvis Presley in 1967 when he puts platinum ring on the finger of his love Priscilla Ann Bolin. Such rings wear today prince Charles and Camilla Parker, Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

The most famous manufacturers of platinum jewels are August Gerstner, Furrer Jacot, Jacob & Co, Todd Alan, Bulgari, Neil Lane, Harry Winston, and among their famed fans are Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Kate Beckinsale.

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