Silver is a precious metals known by people since the very ancient times right after copper and gold.

It is white shining metal. Just as gold it is mined from underground ore processing, and from ores of other metals. Native silver is very rare and is mixed with other metals. Processing in bars from 30 to 35 kg. or tapes and threads.  Silver is a very ductile material but harder than gold. Can be polished excellent.

silver nugget

Do not interfere with organic acids, nitrogen and carbon. It is resistant to moisture, but if long standing at air it darkens by the action of ozone and hydrogen sulphide. Reacts with chlorine, bromine and iodine.

Silver is processed in bars from 30 to 35 kg. Similar to gold the purity of silver alloys is measured by fineness as follows:

  • 800 – silver up to 80%. Contains high amount of copper and has yellowish tint. Oxidizes at air. It is used for tableware.
  • 875 – silver up to 87,5%. May be used also for jewelry.
  • 925 – silver up to 92,5%. Used mainly for jewels.
  • 960 – silver up to 96%. Used for enameled and fine items.
  • 999 – FIne silver known also as three nines fine. Used in bullions.

Alloy with low silver content is used for tableware and decorative objects. For jewelry production is used silver with higher fineness.


The following technologies are applied for protecting silver from tarnishing:

  • “White boiling” - the silver item is boiled in sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. The surface gets matt tone after the treatment.
  • Galvanized cover – the item of silver alloy is covered by thin layer of silver. Such silver is used for tableware.
  • Rhodium treatment – the item is covered by rhodium layer.
  • Lacquering – this method is used mostly for conserving antique silver items. They are covered by thin wax layer which preserves them for the air impact.


Silver is used in many different areas in life. The main usage is for jewelry, coins, tableware and home decorations. It is also widely used for production of batteries and mirror, as well as in different photography supplies. For its antibacterial properties it is used for medicine purposes. Due to its good conductivity it is used in electronics.


silver bars
sillver coins and bars

Like every other precious metal silver is used for investment.

There is one basic distinction between gold and silver.

Demand for gold is based solely on the desire of people to own it as an investment (for security and profit) and variety - in the form of jewelery. A small part of the mined gold is consumed and disappears forever.

In this respect, gold is fundamentally opposed to silver, which is primarily an industrial metal and a substantial part of it is consumed and lost forever..

On the other hand part of the production of silver accumulates profit and security, and others exist in the form of jewelery. Since year 2004 silver noted a significant increase in price on world markets. This is in result of increased consumption of silver over the past 20 years which contributed to the decreasing reserves of this metal.

If you want to invest in silver you have many choices. You can can invest in bullion, coins or even silver for scrap.

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